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At Forbes Bakery, we make you a part of the process of designing your perfect cake. Come and enjoy, not stress- over, planning and making the 

final decision for your perfect wedding cake. 

 You make it yours!  

Prices starting at $500.00 for our simple designs and all the way up to 

$2,000.00 or more,  for our custom complex artisan designs.  

We showcase just a few of our cake designs, but the creations are limitless. 

You don't have to choose a cookie-cutter wedding cake, you can make your style known.

We will work with you to create a cake of your liking, while keeping within your budget.

So we encourage you to make an appointment with us to pencil in your wedding date, 

as we only book one wedding per weekend, keeping you and your wedding our first priority.  

Signature Wedding Cake Flavors

  • Champagne Wedding - Vanilla cake infused with white champagne, layered with strawberry, raspberry or blackberry preserves, and topped off with champagne buttercream.
  • Hazelnut Creme Brulee - Vanilla cake infused with hazelnut liqueur and our own toasted hazelnut, layered with vanilla hazelnut swiss meringue, and then topped off with a hazelnut buttercream.
  • ​Chocolate Orange Truffle - A rich tripple chocolate cake that is infused with orange zest, double layered with orange chocolate ganache and orange chocolate buttercream, topped off with our best meringue orange buttercream.
  • Classic Carrot - Our famous carrot cake layered with a scrumptous cream cheese meringue buttercream, toasted pecans, and topped with a cream cheese buttercream.
  • Amaretto - A delicious almond cake with an amaretto liqueur, layered with an amaretto bakery mousse, and finsished off with an almond buttercream.

​ ​or

Specialty Wedding Cake Flavors

mix and match below             

     Cake                                                                  Filling                                      Meringue Filling

Strawberry                                                                     Strawberry                                                               Chocolate

Triple chocolate                                                           Raspberry                                                                 White Chocolate

Red velvet                                                                        Blackberry                                                               Mochaccino

Chocolate Bourbon                                                    Cookies                                                                     Peanut butter Chocolate Twist

Golden vanilla                                                                Candy


Cake Tasting and Consultation

If you are ready to make an appointment with us,  find our forms at the bottom of the page.  

We look forward to meeting you!

Schedule A Tasting/Consultation

Our Packages 

      Glee Package

1 Free Anniversary Cake 

6" Ceremony Cutting Cake 

up to 150 Cupcakes from our Specialty flavors


     Glory Package

1 Free Anniversary Cake 

6" Ceremony Cutting Cake 

up to 200 Cupcakes from our Specialty flavors 


       Joy Package

1 Free Anniversary Cake 

2 Tier Cake up to 110,  or

6"ceremony cake & a Kitchen Cake

 from our Specialty flavors


     Bliss Package​

1 Free Anniversary Cake 

3 Tier Cake from our Speciaty flavors

up to 150/servings 


    Forever Package

1 Free Anniversary Cake 

3 Tier Cake from our Signature flavors

up to 200/servings


        Our Extras

Favors $3.00/seervings

Pastries $3.50/servings

Doughnuts $1.50/servings

Free Delivery & Set up within 10 miles

$25.00 Delivery & Set up within 25 miles.  add'tl mileage over 25 miles.

Prices subject to change without notice!

Favors $3.00/seervings

Pastries $3.50/servings

Doughnuts $1.50/servings

Free Delivery & Set up within 10 miles

$25.00 Delivery & Set up within 25 miles

Wedding Cake/Cupcake FAQ

How far in advance should we book for a consultation/tasting?

You should plan on about 4-6 months prior to the wedding date.

Is there a charge for the consultation/tasting?

Yes, we charge a $40.00 minimum fee for up to 4 guest.  We charge $15.00/per guest for anyone above that.   The fee is due at the time of booking your consultation/tasting.  There is no fee for just a consultation.  The fee is non-refundable within one week of appointment date.        

What should I bring to the consultation/tasting?

Please bring with you any images, color swatches, ribbons, chips, etc. that you feel is important to your cake design.  This will help in the design consultation to get on the same page creating your specially designed cake.

Do you provide a delivery service? and what would the charge be?

Yes, we provide a delivery & setup service free within 10 miles and after that a flat rate of $25.00 unless we travel out of our service area, at which time we will charge an additional mileage fee.  There is no charge if the wedding cake is picked up at the bakery. 

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How much does a wedding cake/Cupcake cost?

Our wedding packges start at $500.00  for our basic designs and up to $2,000.00 or more for custom complex artisan designs.  Additional charges are dependant upon decoration selections, florals, toppers, bases, structures, and other considerations. 

Do I need a deposit when I arrive at the consultation/tasting?

No, but without a deposit we will not book that specific day until we receive the deposit.  We do require a 50% or $150.00 minimum deposit within 2 weeks after the consultation/tasting and that will book the date for your wedding. 

How do I pay for my wedding?  Can I make payments?

At Forbes Bakery we make it easy to pay for your wedding with Square Invoices.  We can create an invoice and send it along and boom done!  We also offer a recurring invoices and process repeat payments till your wedding is paid in full.  We make it easy for you to make the decision.  

What our customers are saying

The wedding cake was, definitely the best wedding cake that 

I have -ever- seen at any wedding.

The guests could not stop asking about the cake, or commenting about it!

Thank you SO much Kim for creating our amazing wedding cake! We really appreciate it! 

10/10 - would HIGHLY recommend!

A. McClay

We went through Forbes Bakery for our wedding cake Kim was so great to work with!! Highly recommend them!


Wedding Cake Bookings 

When you are ready to book with us please click on the button below and request your appointment time and date. 

Tasting/Consultation Booking and Deposit

Wedding Cake Tasting/Consultation Form

If you have booked with us already, click on the link below to view and fill out the form.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  

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Wedding Cake Agreement

Click on the link below and view our wedding cake agreement. 

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Wedding Cake Invoice

Click on the link below to view the invoice.  

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